• The Political Martyrs’ Memorial (map)
  • Old Calton Burying Ground
  • Edinburgh
  • Scotland

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the ‘Father of Scottish Democracy’, Thomas Muir of Huntershill.

From:  The Political Martyrs’ Memorial (Old Calton Burying Ground) 
To: the Scottish Parliament

The Friends of Thomas Muir, with the support of Fiona McLeod MSP, East Dunbartonshire Council and Edinburgh City Council, are organising a walk from Calton Hill to the Scottish Parliament.

Thomas Muir was tried and found guilty of ‘sedition’ in 1793, then banished to Botany Bay for 14 years. His crime was to advocate universal voting rights and parliamentary reform. During his trial, he made dramatic use of the opportunity to speak out in favour of democratic equality for all people.

The Friends of Thomas Muir intend to continue a tradition established by our ancestors by continuing the walk that they started in 1844 from the Memorial to the Scottish Political Martyrs to the modern seat of democracy in Scotland.

The unveiling of the Monument in Old Calton Burying Ground took place on 21 August 1844, in front of more than three thousand people. 400 members of the Complete Suffrage Association provided a dramatic introduction to the ceremony by marching four abreast through Parliament Square, passing the Law Courts where the five martyrs had been sentenced, then down the High Street and over the North and Regent bridges to the burial ground.