• Bon Accord Centre (map)
  • Aberdeen
  • Scotland

Alex Salmond will be opening the 'Family Meal' exhibition at the Bon Accord shopping centre in Aberdeen. 

The 'Family Meal – What brings us together?' exhibition was shot by the renowned British photographer Chris Terry. For the Family Meal project, he travelled around the world visiting families who receive assistance from the World Food Programme and the European Commission. His photographic journey took him to Ecuador, Chad, Niger, Jordan and Myanmar, in search of the ingredients of the family meal. The exhibition, which has been touring European capitals has been created to support the aims of the Zero Hunger Challenge that is committed to end hunger as fast as possible because although 805 million people are going hungry in the world today, there is enough food to feed everyone.

The photo exhibition will be displayed from 5 to 11 October in Bon Accord Shopping Centre and will be available to public, free of charge. The Exhibition is not planned to be staged anywhere else in the UK apart from in Scotland. Find more information about the Family Meal campaign here: www.familymeal.eu