Alex Salmond statement on the General Election


Following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement today that she will seek approval from Parliament to hold a General Election on 8 June 2017, Mr Salmond said:

“This is blatant opportunism by the Prime Minister who is looking to take advantage of the weakness of the Labour Party to legitimise her hard-Brexit agenda and shift the entire country to the right. 

“After everything she said about governing the country, she has taken one look at the opinion polls and dashed to an election.

“All of this makes it more important than ever that the SNP are there to offer real opposition to a Prime Minister intent on smashing all dissent to her hard-right agenda. 

“I will be offering myself to the Party for the wonderful constituency of Gordon to provide and deliver that opposition.”


Alex Salmond raises Cabinet's 'chaotic confusion' on the eve of Brexit

For immediate release: Tuesday 28 March 2017

Attention: Newsdesks and Political Correspondents


Alex Salmond MP has said Theresa May must offer clarity over her "cabinet's chaotic confusion” following Boris Johnson’s recent comments on national television that no deal would be “perfectly okay”, whilst Liam Fox simultaneously stated in another interview that such a scenario would be “bad… not just bad for the UK, but for Europe as a whole.”

During Foreign and Commonwealth Office Questions today, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson asked Boris Johnson to lay out what official estimates or forecasts he has seen which led him to say that the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal would be “perfectly okay”.

Alex Salmond MP commented:

“On the eve of Brexit, the day before Theresa May hands over the UK’s official letter-headed self-sabotage note to exit the EU, her cabinet is dominated by chaotic confusion.

“It offers a worrying insight into the UK government’s negotiation approach when the Prime Minister can barely manage to get her key cabinet ministers to read off the same policy paper at the same time on national television.

“Following their conflicting comments, I am worried as to whether or not the Foreign Secretary will now be excluded from cabinet decision making after saying no deal would be 'perfectly okay', while his cabinet colleague was simultaneously telling another television programme that it would be really bad for the UK and Europe.

“The Foreign Secretary must lay out what official estimates or forecasts he has seen which led him to believe and say that no deal from Brexit would be perfectly okay - despite all the evidence that points to the contrary."


Notes for editors

Boris Johnson: No deal scenario would be “perfectly okay” -

Cabinet split as Liam Fox says no deal would be “bad… not just bad for the UK, but for Europe as a whole” -

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Alex Salmond on the passing of Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness' political journey was accompanied by his own personal journey. It is why it is right to both mourn his passing and recognise his contribution, without which there would not be peace in Northern Ireland today.

My sympathy and condolences go to Martin's family.

Salmond rallies behind Registration to Resuscitation Campaign

MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has today announced his backing of the Scottish Ambulance Service Registration to Resuscitation campaign, which appeals to communities to register potentially life-saving public access defibrillators on a dedicated website. 

Salmond responds to Lord Heseltine sacking

MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has issued a statement in response to the sacking of Lord Michael Hesseltine following his vote in the House of Lords against a hard Tory Brexit.

Salmond seeks local business champion nominees

MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has issued a call across the local community for help in selecting a Constituency Responsible Business Champion for 2017. 

An appeal for nominees for the award has been made by Mr Salmond, seeking enterprises who have made a particularly positive impact in his constituency and beyond. If indeed the reach of any particular local business goes further than the boundaries of Gordon, a joint nomination can be made with a neighbouring MP.

Alex Salmond: 'Appalled at morality' of Trump state visit invite

Alex Salmond MP, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson, has said that it is difficult to know whether to be “appalled at the morality or astonished at the stupidity” of the state visit invitation extended to President Trump by Theresa May.

Salmond calls out Tories on 'Astonishing Hypocrisy'

Alex Salmond, MP for Gordon, has today called out the Tory party for their “astonishing hypocrisy” after councillors in Moray and Aberdeenshire rejected business rates reliefs twice in one week, while at the same time criticising the Scottish Government for the changes in business rates.