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Commenting on reports in the Mail on Sunday newspaper today of the existence of a White House memo that showed that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had signalled his support for George Bush’s plans for an invasion of Iraq in 2002 – a full year before parliament had voted on any military action the SNP's Westminster International Affairs spokesperson Alex Salmond MP said the revelations showed the 'net was closing around Blair'.
In public Mr Blair had claimed that he was looking for a diplomatic solution up to the time of the invasion. The publication of this memo - which contradicts Mr Blair's public claims - only adds to the extraordinary extent of the deception perpetrated by former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair in his planning for the illegal invasion of Iraq,
Mr Salmond said:

‘’This memo is extremely damaging for Tony Blair and the net is now closing around the former Prime Minister. The illegal invasion of Iraq has been unequivocally proven as a fraud and a massive deception by Tony Blair and the then UK Labour government.
‘’The memo contradicts claims from Mr Blair that all that time he had been seeking diplomatic ways to avoid an invasion. It also adds weight to the evidence given by Sir Christopher Meyer, the former UK Ambassador to the United States – to the Chilcot Inquiry - that the military timetable and preparation for invasion took precedence over any diplomacy and specifically over the timetable for the weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix.
‘’The Chilcot Inquiry has still to be published and these revelations will need to be looked at very seriously.
"The Inquiry was demanded because people wanted answers, yet six years and £10 million later we still have nothing – and the evidence against Blair is piling up.’’


Full report can be seen here:
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