For release: Thursday 29th October
Attention: Newsdesks


The Iraq Inquiry should finally be published in June or July 2016, according to the Chairman of the Inquiry Sir John Chilcot . Sir John has written a letter to the Prime Minister  in which he said the two million word report would be finished in April, with two months or so then set aside for national security checks on it.
Commenting, Alex Salmond MP, SNP International Affairs spokesperson said:

“The delay in publication is outrageous. It will mean a full seven years from the onset of the inquiry and 13 years after the outbreak of the illegal conflict.
“Particularly at this time of year, we should be conscious of the feelings of the families of the 179 service men and women who lost their lives, who are feeling bitterly betrayed, not just by the length of the process but the complete failure to explain the reasons for the delay.
“Today in the Commons, I have demanded a Government statement to press for these answers.”