Updated 14:05 16/12/15.

For immediate release: Wednesday 16 December 2015


Former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP MP, has described billionaire Donald Trump as a “three time loser” after the UK Supreme Court flung out the billionaires’ latest court case against the Scottish Government.

Mr Salmond said:

“These proceedings have been dragged out for years through three successive court judgements by Donald Trump as he tried to stop an offshore Aberdeen wind turbine demonstrator by means of legal action.

“In doing so he has at best postponed, and at worst jeopardised, a vital £200 million boost for the economy of the North East of Scotland. The offshore project could have been built by now with Aberdeen benefiting from becoming the offshore wind research centre of Europe – a vital development at a time of rock bottom oil prices.

“The last time Trump was beaten in Court he blamed the Scottish judicial system. Now he has been beaten in the UK Supreme Court.

“As First Minister, I was cited in Trump’s legal action. Now that it is concluded, I am free to speak my mind on the damaging impact of his interventions on the Scottish economy.

“First, he has failed to meet the claims he made for the Menie Estate Golf complex. He has created a fine golf course, but it doesn't even have the original scale of clubhouse, far less the claims of thousands of jobs and billions of investment through a hotel, housing and leisure complex. Overall, the investment has been estimated at less than one tenth of what was promised. He has submitted further plans this year, but we are now seven years into the project with very slow progress.

“Second, by his unacceptable behaviour he has condemned Turnberry, one of the outstanding golf courses on the planet, and the scene of two of the greatest Open Championships since the war, to Open Championship oblivion. There is no way the R&A will go near the Ayrshire course while Trump is in charge. As a result Scotland stands to lose the £100m economic return from a Turnberry Open.

“Third, this delay in the offshore wind demonstrator is deeply damaging to Scotland’s hopes of being on the cutting edge of that new technology. It would have been great for the North East to have that new string to our bow at this time of low oil prices. Trump has delayed that opportunity.

“His behaviour and comments are unlikely to attract the votes of many Mexican Americans or Muslim Americans. Given his treatment of Scotland, Scots American are likely to join the ever growing list of people alienated by Trump."