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For immediate release Wednesday 13 January 2016


Speaking today in the House of Commons during the Scottish National Party debate on trade, exports, innovation and productivity , Alex Salmond MP for Gordon argued for a Norwegian-style exploration credit scheme to stimulate jobs in the North Sea oil industry. He said after £300 billion of revenue flowing to successive Chancellors in Westminster in should now be “PAYBACK TIME” to support workers in the North East of Scotland.

Mr Salmond said:

“In terms of investment, the North Sea has dominated UK private sector industrial investment for the last 30 years.
“In thinking about the current crisis facing workers and their families in the oil industry at the moment, Iwould commend to the Chancellor a similar scheme to the exploration credit initiative, which had such great success in Norway, a few years back, in kick starting exploration activity during an oil downturn.
“After more than 30 years and £300 billion of oil revenues flowing to successive Westminster governments, should it now be payback time in supporting workers in the North East of Scotland?”


You can watch a video of the intervention here