Salmond rounds on local Tories for "jeopardising investment in Inverurie"

MP for Gordon, ALEX SALMOND, has rounded on the Conservatives for “jeopardising vital investment in the future of Inverurie” following criticism from Tory Councillors over the proposed plans for to move the Aberdeenshire Council headquarters from the city to Inverurie. 

Dependent on this move are the plans for a new and hugely expanded Garioch Sports Centre set to be constructed on the site of the existing facility.

Details of the project were released by the Inverurie Sports Development Project following a visit by Minister of Sport Aileen Campbell in August, and include tennis courts, a multi -sports indoor arena, fitness suites and a new all-weather stadium which will become the new home of Inverurie Locos. The proposed state of the art facility would also include 3G pitches, grass pitches, a restaurant and a media centre.

Mr Salmond said:

“Thanks to the hard work, enthusiasm and preparation of local organisations and Garioch Sports and Community Centre we are on the brink of tens of millions of pounds of investment in our town.
"First, it depends on the movement of the Council Headquarters from Aberdeen to Inverurie. That in itself will create both hundreds of construction jobs and hundreds of long term positions. Both will contribute enormously to the prosperity of the town.
"The new Council Administration should be commended for now getting on with an initiative which should have been completed years ago. Any funds released to Inverurie Locos for land purchase by the Council are already earmarked for investment in the Inverurie Sports and Social Club. 
“Securing the capital investment for the next phase of the Garioch Sports and Community Centre will deliver one of the top community and sporting facilities in the country. Instead of 6000 people benefiting it will be over 10,000 people from across Aberdeenshire. 
"These plans are exciting, positive and require a concentrated effort to bring them to fruition with everyone's shoulder to the wheel. However the local Tory councillors are already criticising the Council HQ move upon which the rest of the plan for Inverurie depends. 
"It is a typically short sighted, do-nothing Tory attitude which is jeopardising investment in the future of Inverurie.”


Notes to Editors

Statement by Cllr Richard Cowling in the September 22 edition of the Inverurie Herald: 

"I would need to be convinced of the benefit but at the moment I don't see it. 

"I would need to see the benefit to Inverurie. 

"We don't have money in the capital budget allocated for it so we would need to make sure that it doesn't take precedence over any other item in the capital budget.

"If the headquarters was to be built here it would bring a huge amount of traffic increase, adding another 100 cars to potentially another 1000. 

"Inverurie would do pretty badly in coping with this traffic and we have seen no potential action plan to relieve this traffic."

Full details of the proposed Garioch Sports Centre redevelopment can be found here: