For immediate release 17/10/16

Salmond attacks the "ragtag and bobtail" Tory alliance against Inverurie's future

MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has renewed his attack on the "Tory-led ragtag and bobtail alliance against Inverurie" following his exposure of the Tory led opposition to the SNP/Progressive leadership of Aberdeenshire Council who plan to move the Council Headquarters from Aberdeen to Inverurie. 

The plan, part of a key chain of events, has the potential to unlock the door to enormous jobs and leisure investment in the town.

Under the SNP proposal, the Council would negotiate to buy the Inverurie Locos ground who would then move to a new purpose built Highland League stadium in the Garioch Sports and Community facility. 

The leisure facilities would then be greatly expanded to provide the best sports and leisure centre in the North East of Scotland with more than 10,000 members. The local organisations concerned have been working hard on this project for some time.

However, Mr Salmond recently revealed that the local Tory Councillor for Inverurie was refusing to endorse the plan.

In response the Tory led alliance group issued a confused statement saying they were "neither supportive or not”. 

Mr Salmond said: 

"The anti-Inverurie position of the Tory led alliance on the Council has been well and truly exposed. They claim  they are not for it or against it but their own local Councillor has voiced his opposition while their Liberal allies call the plan "spurious". 
“Meanwhile the third leg of this excuse for an Council opposition -the Tory supporting so called independents- moan about the people of Inverurie actually finding out about the plans!
"It is ludicrous that a council HQ would be blocked from being situated in its own area. At this vital moment with the plan coming before the Council next month we don't need half-hearted fence sitting and indeed outright opposition from this confused ragtag and bobtail outfit of Tory led councillors. We need the assured, clear and positive leadership of this issue from the SNP.
"Inverurie is on the threshold of an historic opportunity - of tens of millions of investment, hundreds of jobs and great sports and leisure facilities. It is vital we do all we can to ensure that the town seizes the moment and doesn't heed the Tory led opposition  to Inverurie's progress"


Notes to Editors 

Detailed plans of the proposed Garioch Sports Centre can be found here: