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For Immediate release: Monday 24 October 2016


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has again responded to meddling from Tory councillors over the proposed move of Aberdeenshire Council Headquarters to Inverurie, as their irresolute position on the development continues. 

Mr Salmond, who last week railed against separate comments undermining the council building move, launched a fresh attack on the latest Tory outburst.

The Tory councillor had suggested that the Council move should be to Ellon, despite the fact that such a move could seriously undermine a series of developments of which the HQ move is a central factor. 

The Headquarters, which would be built on the current Inverurie Loco Works Football Club ground, would pave the way for the development of a state-of-the-art Garioch Sports Centre.

The Sports Centre would have facilities capable of serving all of Aberdeenshire and beyond, and provide a massive boost to Inverurie.

Mr Salmond said:

“The latest case of wheedling from the Tories on this issue is a continuation of their negative humming and hawing over an historic proposal which would bring significant, wide-ranging benefits to Inverurie and the rest of the North East. 
“They haven’t the cohesion to decide on an position and then break rank on issues like these with unhelpful and un-needed comments instead of supporting an initiative to bring the people of Aberdeenshire a top class development. 
“I said it before and I’ll say it again: the local Tory do-nothing busybodies should desist from undermining Inverurie’s future.”


Note to editors:

Plans for the new Garioch Sports Centre can be found here: