Attention local reporters

For immediate release Wednesday 26/10/2016


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond has been joined by Commonwealth Games hero Hannah Miley and SNP candidate for the Inverurie & District by-electon, Neil Baillie, in his support of installing an 8 lane pool at the Inverurie Community Campus and Swimming Pool development, following calls for the extension made by Garioch Amateur Swimming Club.

The current pool, which is almost 50 years old is one of the busiest in Aberdeenshire with waiting list of over 1500 people. Young people currently can face waiting lists of up to 18 months for lessons and the extension would bring benefits to Inverurie's Learn to Swim Programme, as well as massively enhancing the area's leisure facilities.

Over 200 young competitive swimmers and their families face travelling considerable distances to Inverness and elsewhere for events, and such an extension would allow the pool to be used for national level competition.  

GASC revealed that a public consultation meeting between will be haled on Wednesday, November 9 at Inverurie academy.  

Neil Baillie, Organiser and Secretary of Inverurie Events and SNP candidate for Inverurie & District by-election, met with representatives of the GAS, and fully backed the idea, offering to help them hold an information stall at the Inverurie Christmas fair.

Speaking in support of the extension, Mr Salmond said:

"To extend the swimming pool by two lanes would open up its potential and capabilities immensely, and allow future swimming-stars like our own Hannah Miley to hone their skills and compete in top class facilities here in Aberdeenshire. This, along with the proposed Garioch Sports Centre development, would make Inverurie a sporting hub in the North East, and heralds yet another opportunity for Inverurie, which should be  grasped with both hands.
"Ensuring that young people have open access to swimming lessons is incredibly important, and I would urge the council to give this concept their full attention and consideration."

Olympian Hannah Miley said:

"An 8 lane facility would be an obvious choice for a brand new pool. I've trained in many pools over my career and the ability to have 8 lanes over the chosen 6 would not only allow you to increase the capacity for lessons and training but have the ability to hold national competitions such as the Scottish Short Course Championships.
"Inverurie has produced an amazing caliber of swimmers with the 4 lane pool in the past years, just imagine the possibilities with a national standard pool. I’m proud to have come from the Inverurie swimming centre and look forward to seeing what potential a new leading facility can bring to our swimmers"

Garioch Amateur Swimming Club Management Committee member, Richard Mchlaughlan, said:

"There has been unanimous consensus from our meetings thus far that increasing the facility from the proposed 6 lanes to 8 lanes will be great for the local community.
"It would allow the council to deliver a comprehensive learn to swim program for the public in the very heart of Inverurie’s town centre. The development can’t fail to increase the towns profile and put Inverurie firmly on the map as a centre of sporting excellence especially with the exciting plans for the new Sports Centre also on the agenda."

Inverurie Events Organiser and Secretary, and SNP candidate for Inverurie & District council by-election, Neil Bailie, said:

"I am fully behind the Garioch Amateur Swimming Club's calls for a lane-extension, and I was more than happy to help them communicate the benefits of this concept to those in attendance at the Inverurie Events Christmas Fair. As a further show of my support, I recently invited them to take part in our annual parade, a great opportunity for the people of Inverurie to meet our local sporting heroes of today and tomorrow."


Further information on the GASC can be found via their website: