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For immediate release: Wednesday 2 November 2016



MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has today reiterated his support of installing an eight lane pool at the new Inverurie Community Campus and Swimming Pool development. This follows the same calls made by the Garioch Amateur Swimming Club and local Commonwealth Games hero Hannah Miley.

The waiting list for the current 50-year-old pool has spilt over well beyond 1500 signatures, with young people currently waiting up to 18 months for lessons.

The proposed extension of the pool is not the only intended development for the Garioch, following the announcement of the new Garioch Sports and Community Centre earlier this year. 

Plans for the state-of-the-art complex would see the Inverurie Loco Works Football Club move from their home in Harlow Park into the new centre, with Aberdeenshire Council re-developing the site into their new headquarters. 

Although both plans are distinct, Mr Salmond believes that the success of both projects will complement each other to the benefit of Inverurie.

Commenting, Mr Salmond said:

“The proposed move of the Council’s HQ from Aberdeen to Inverurie is crucial to the investment in the Garioch, but is also relevant to the new facilities at the Academy.
“Once Aberdeenshire Council are able to move to their new grounds, and the Inveruire Locos then onto the new Garioch Sports Centre, we would then have two first class facilities in the town.
“The sharing of these facilities, along with the proposed Garioch Sports Centre development, would make Inverurie an exciting sporting hub in the North East. 
“We should have the best facilities at both, which heralds yet another opportunity that must be grasped with both hands. The school will be able to use the great new facilities at the Garioch and the community will be able to use the great new facilities at the school, including the best possible swimming centre.
“The benefits are clear to see, which is why the Tory opposition to the Council HQ re-relocation is nothing less than a betrayal of Inverurie's future.
“For the new Inverurie swimming pool, it is a case now that we want eight and we won’t wait”


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