Press release

For immediate publication: Monday 7 November 2016


"Westminster is in a state of political nervous breakdown, lashing out wildly at all and sundry as Mad Brexit Disease takes hold"

Speaking as a special guest at the Ecole Internationale de Genève, Mr Salmond highlighted the chaos and confusion that has been exacerbated by Ms May's government following the Brexit vote in the summer.

Mr Salmond said:

"Theresa May's Government is dysfunctional, not so much UKIP-light, but Daily Mail-heavy - a government in thrall to dose the 'daily hate'.

"The English judiciary are the merely the latest target of mad Brexit disease and yet the Prime Minister has nobody but herself to blame for her trials at the hands of the judges.

"She could and should have taken her timescale for invoking Article 50 to the Commons immediately after her elevation as Prime Minister. It was her choice to let the government languish in chaos and indecision, while ridiculously resting on the Royal Prerogative.

"The chaos and confusion is of her own making and the extremity of the reaction is merely a sign of the fear and uncertainty of those who have led the country into political chaos on a false prospectus.

"Amid this Westminster ocean of indecision, the Scottish First Minister is an island of calm determination setting out Scotland's priorities of staying within the single market, of treating all European citizens fairly and equally and of protecting the rights of Scottish workers.

"When Nicola Sturgeon lays out her detailed plan in a few weeks, it is vital that all of Scotland rallies behind her. We must not be the latest victim of Westminster's nervous breakdown."


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