Attn: Local news desks / transport correspondents 

For immediate release: Thursday 15 December 2016


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has responded to Tory MSP Liam Kerr's outburst over progress on the Balmedie to Tipperty section of the AWPR bypass out of Aberdeen. Mr Salmond has reminded Mr Kerr that the entire project was still due to completed within its original timescale. 

Kerr, who was elected as MSP for North East Scotland on the regional list, launched an attack over a delay to the progress of the section, despite a clear statement from the Scottish Government, which explained that works had merely paused during the winter period and been revised to fit with the wider AWPR developments.

However, Mr Salmond also pointed out that the entire project was still on track to be completed within the entire timescale of Spring 2018, which he had announced as First Minister in October 2012.

Mr Salmond said: 

"When I became a North East MP in 1987, there was as much need for the AWPR then as there is now. What followed was a decade of inactivity from a Tory Government in Westminster, then another decade of indecision from a Labour-Lib Dem coalition in Holyrood. 
"The contrast with that and the concrete achievements of SNP governance, with one of the greatest road projects in Scottish history now taking shape before our eyes, could not be more evident.
"If the Tories were still in charge, the wait for a fully connected road network would be infinite, because they did absolutely nothing for North East infrastructure. 
"The Tories are on the road to nowhere with their ridiculous sniping of the real achievements of a government which has put the North East first."