Attn newsdesks/ local reporters 

For immediate release 22nd December 2016


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has laughed off a Lib Dem attempt to ban him from this year’s pantomime at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. 

The former First Minister appears in video form at the beginning of Dick McWhittington in the guise of a newsreader, alerting the unsuspecting Aberdeen population to the impending invasion of King Rat.

Aberdeen Liberal Democrat Councillor, Martin Greig, accused Mr Salmond of ‘politicising’ the panto with his appearance, and called for the video to be removed from the show. 

It was confirmed that Cllr Greig himself had not attended any performances. 

Mr Salmond said:

"This Liberal Cooncillor has all the hallmarks of a real panto villain. Everyone is enjoying themselves at the superb Aberdeen panto except this sad excuse for a party-pooper, Greig. The villain at His Majesty’s is King Rat. This Liberal has made himself the king prat.  

“If he had bothered to turn up to the panto then he would know that I don't get paid for the performance. I did it as part of the fun, frivolity and enjoyment of the Christmas season. The last thing any normal person is thinking about right now is local elections, which in any case are many months away.

“Politicians should learn to laugh at themselves like Ed Balls did on Strictly. This applies in particular to Liberal Democrats. 

“After all, everyone else is laughing at them!"