For immediate release: Tuesday 24 May 2016

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SNP Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Alex Salmond has launched a scathing attack in response to Tony Blair’s comments made at a Centre on Religion and Geopolitics event in Westminster.
The former Prime Minister refused to address questions relating to the Chilcot Report, and with regards to the legacy of the Iraq War said:

"We underestimated profoundly the forces that were at work in the region and that would take advantage of the change once you topple the regime.
“That's the lesson. The lesson is not actually complicated, the lesson is simple - it's that.
"It's that when you remove a dictator, out come these forces of destabilisation - whether al-Qeada on the Sunni side or Iran and its militia on the other side."

Mr Blair claimed that the only way to defeat Daesh was to  "wage a proper ground war against them”, and stated that there was ”no way of defeating these people without defeating them on the ground. Air strikes are not going to defeat Isis, they have got to be tackled on the ground".
Mr Salmond, responding, said:

“Tony Blair is culpable, he is a guilty man. Clearly, Mr Blair is round the twist if he believes that anyone would follow his advice into a ground war. I have arranged meetings with the MPs who were part of the original parliamentary group set up to impeach him for leading the country into  an illegal conflict."


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