For immediate release: Wednesday 13 July 2016

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Alex Salmond MP has said Tony Blair ‘systematically misled’ Parliament, and should now be held to account over the Iraq War.

Speaking in the House of Commons debate on the Iraq Inquiry today (Wednesday), the SNP Foreign Affair’s spokesperson said the Chilcot Report “gives a huge array of evidence and a lack of parliamentary truthfulness” and called on Parliament to take steps to hold Mr Blair to account.

Commenting, Alex Salmond MP said:

“Tony Blair told the public his reason for sending the UK to war was because of Weapons of Mass Destruction, while telling President Bush in private that regime change was the ‘real prize.’ We have clear evidence that Tony Blair misled Parliament. 
“If we are to prevent such a catastrophe happening again it is essential that parliamentarians learn to hold the executive to critical examination in a way that Parliament failed to do in 2003. Holding Blair to account will be an essential part of that process of parliamentary accountability.
“The report's forensic examination of thousands of pages of evidence and its firm conclusions are excoriating of a Prime Minister who, contrary to his denials, gave a pre-determined commitment to President Bush on 28 July 2002 to join US military action in Iraq. We now know that long before Parliament formally voted on whether or not to go to war in Iraq, Tony Blair had told George Bush - "I will be with you whatever".
“Tony Blair’s actions blundered the country into a war that caused the deaths of 179 UK armed forces personnel, and almost 200,000 Iraqi civilians, and led the world into the present nightmare instability in the Middle East. He must absolutely be brought to account.”


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