For immediate release: Friday 27 January 2017

Attention: News Desks and Political Correspondents


The SNP have today tabled the first four of the fifty pledged amendments to the Article 50 legislation following the UK government’s climbdown on the SNP amendment calling on Theresa May to publish a White Paper.

The UK government earlier in the week faced defeat following one of the SNP’s amendments that called on the government to publish a White Paper outlining its position on key policy issues and so that Parliamentarians actually know what they are voting on.

The four amendments tabled by the SNP today include:

  • A UK-EU membership reset clause - that should there be failure by the Prime Minister to seek agreement from the European Council to approve the terms of exit for the UK, it will result in the maintenance of UK membership on existing terms.
  • That the Prime Minister must seek agreement of all members of the Joint Ministerial Committee on European Negotiation to an agreed UK wide approach to, and objectives for, the UK’s negotiations for withdrawal from the EU.
  • That EU nationals resident in the UK must have a guarantee that they are entitled to stay here – on the same terms as they currently reside.
  • And that the Prime Minister must lay – before both House of Parliament a White Paper on the UK exiting the EU.

Alex Salmond MP, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson, said:

“The UK government may choose to treat devolved administrations with utter contempt but let it be clear that these amendments tabled by the SNP should show the Prime Minister that here, in Westminster, the SNP will lead the charge in bringing the hard Brexit brigade back to the House to answer over their lack of plans.
“These tabled amendments are to address some of the ongoing and abiding concerns of EU citizens, devolved administrations and respect for Parliament in its most fundamental and basic duty.
“The pressure is piling on Theresa May when she returns from her jaunt to cosy up to Donald Trump. She should prepare for the SNP putting forward an effective opposition."