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For immediate release Sunday 19/02/17 


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has praised the success of a 'Freedom Convoy' comprised of over 200 vehicles which arrived on Ellon on Sunday. 

The convoy, which featured independence supporters from across Scotland, set out at 8am in Fife and arrived in Ellon's Gordon Park around lunchtime.

Stalls and displays were set up and speeches given to the crowd, with Mr Salmond addressing those in attendance. 

Mr Salmond, stressed that "it was the strength of ordinary, common, working people in Scotland, who - throughout the country's history - have arisen and said that they will chart a new future for themselves and their families."

His speech concluded: "Things have changed since September 2014. Scotland has changed. Together we will go forward and take this country to freedom." 

Commenting on the day, Mr Salmond said:

"Today, blue skies and saltires soared above Ellon, over what was a spectacular display of enthusiasm and support for Scottish independence.

"All campaigns are led by a few, but are kept alive and won, by the efforts of  many. 

"The referendum of 2014 was an exhibition of the best of Scotland - it's people. Those who campaigned hard and tirelessly for independence have returned as Scotland refuses to be swept along with the maelstrom swirling around us from Westminster and beyond.

"The Freedom Convoy organisers did a brilliant job bringing everyone together, with supporters, friends, family - and certainly brought the most eclectic and impressive cavalcade that Ellon has ever seen - coming together for what was a great day. 

 "I urge all those who attended to get back on the road and to continue spreading the message that Scotland is ready to forge ahead on a path of the people's choosing towards the brighter, more progressive and long-overdue future that our nation deserves."


Mr Salmond's speech is available in full from The National Facebook Page via the link below: