For immediate release: Monday 20th February 2017

Attention: News desks and Political Correspondents


Alex Salmond MP, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson, has said that it is difficult to know whether to be “appalled at the morality or astonished at the stupidity” of the state visit invitation extended to President Trump by Theresa May.

Speaking in the debate in Parliament on the Prime Minister's offer of a state visit to President Trump, Alex Salmond MP said:

"It is difficult to know whether to be appalled at the morality or astonished at the stupidity of the invitation. 

"As an example of fawning subservience Theresa May's holding hands across the ocean visit would be difficult to match. To do it in the name of shared values was stomach churning. Which are the shared values that President Trump has been exemplifying in his first thirty days in office?

"As an exercise in stupidity the offer of a state visit was beyond compare. Even when people are in a weak negotiating position it is as well not to advertise it so blatantly, and negotiating a trade deal with Donald Trump from a position of weakness is a recipe for disaster. 

“Justin Trudeau like Theresa May is a new Prime Minister. Yet he has demonstrated how to pursue a business relationship while keeping Canada's integrity intact. Mrs May should take note and rescind the state visit forthwith before any further embarrassment and division is caused.”

Mr Salmond also relayed a message to Tory MPs who have been reported to be conspiring to unseat Speaker Bercow for speaking out on the issue of President Trump addressing both Houses of Parliament:

"This particular gunpowder plot will fizzle out just as the last one did. What we should demand from a Speaker is that they are fair to all parts of the House and allow the opportunity to hold the government to account - that Speaker Bercow has done and probably better than any of his predecessors. It is not uncommon for an over mighty Government to attempt to eliminate all dissent. However, I predict that the vast majority of parliamentarians across all parties will not allow this particular Speaker to be removed."


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