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Alex Salmond MP has urged MPs across the House to back the SNP’s EU re-set clause amendment today following the Prime Minster's comments last month that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

The SNP has tabled a re-set clause amendment that states that the Prime Minister “may not exercise the power under section 1 (1) until she has sought an undertaking from the European Council that failure by Parliament to approve the terms of exit for the UK will result in the maintenance of the UK’s membership on the existing terms.”

The amendment follows Theresa May’s admission last month that “no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal” and comments by the Maltese Prime Minister, whose country holds the Presidency of the Council of Europe, that any post-Brexit deal “needs to be inferior to membership.”

Alex Salmond MP commented:

“By the Prime Minister’s own admission the UK could either face "no deal or a bad deal", and when any deal has to be inferior to membership, then it is self-evident that to promise MPs a vote at the end of this process means nothing. If we meekly accept this, then Parliament could be voting next year to accept a bad deal or crash over the cliff edge of no deal. To avoid this we need a re-set clause to take the time limit and the pressure off the negotiations with Europe.
“Whilst the Tory government’s plan is clouded in confusion, the impact of a hard Brexit on Scotland’s economy is unambiguous. The Fraser of Allander Institute report stated that a hard Tory Brexit would see Scottish GDP fall by 5% within a decade and put 80,000 jobs at risk. If this is what the Prime Minister believes is ‘making a success of Brexit’ then it is as deluded as cloaking her little England mentality in the mask of a global Britain.
"MPs must back the SNP’s re-set clause to prevent this House being forced into a bad deal that will be detrimental to the economy, to jobs, to businesses and to livelihoods.
"Thus far the Tories have been determined to railroad through this legislation without accepting a single amendment and they have been treating the devolved administrations with complete contempt.
"Time is running out for the Government to make meaningful concessions or the people will need to choose between being part of a Trumpian Britain or Scotland as a European nation."


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