For immediate release: Tuesday 7 February 2017

Attention: News desks and Political Correspondents


Alex Salmond MP has said the UK government is "beginning to unravel on Article 50", as Brexit Minister David Jones is forced to make concessions on Parliamentary votes on the final deal.

The SNP International Affairs spokesperson, who led the second day of debate on the EU legislation on the UK withdrawing from the EU, has called on MPs across the House to back the SNP’s re-set amendment that would protect the UK from the Prime Minister's 'no deal or a bad deal’ revelation.

The SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson, Alex Salmond MP, said:

"The government's position is beginning to unravel on the Brexit Bill. We have always said that the previous big majorities were a sign of Labour weakness, not Tory strength, and today confirms that.
“The hard Brexit brigade in the Tory party are frightened that they do not have a majority to dodge Parliamentary scrutiny; thus the concession on Parliamentary votes before the European Parliament votes on the deal.
“The SNP will continue to push our re-set amendment, which will allow a meaningful vote in Parliament with a return to current terms unless there is a good deal.
“Scotland should not have to choose between a bad deal and no deal. We should have a Scottish deal which reflects our interests and our 1000-year history as a European nation.”


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