For immediate release: Wednesday 8 February 2017

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Alex Salmond MP has blasted the UK government for "railroading" the EU bill through the Westminster Parliament in a "draconian manner" not seen since 1914.
In a Point of Order to Parliament tonight, the SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson condemned the UK government for rushing through the bill with little debate, no report stage, no 3rd reading, and for refusing to accept a single amendment – pointing out a bill has not been passed in a similar manner since the Defence of the Realm Act of 1914.
Commenting, Alex Salmond MP said:

"The UK government's behaviour on the EU bill has been a disgrace. We have not seen a bill pass under such draconian circumstances for over 100 years - since the emergency powers bill in the First World War.
“The Tories revealed their full contempt for Scotland and for our parliamentary democracy – railroading Article 50 through Westminster with little time for debate and refusing to accept a single amendment.
“For this to happen on any bill would be an abuse but on a bill of this magnitude, with such huge constitutional significance – it is nothing short of an outrage.
“Scotland now faces the impending prospect of being dragged out of the EU and off the Tory hard Brexit cliff – despite the Prime Minister claiming she would not trigger Article 50 without an “agreed UK-wide approach”.
“While SNP MPs worked hard to make Scotland’s voice heard the UK government refused to listen – rejecting every single amendment proposed by Scotland’s MPs and ignoring the fact that the Scottish Parliament, and 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs, voted to reject triggering Article 50 under these circumstances.
“Time is running out for Theresa May to prove that Scotland is an equal partner by agreeing to the Scottish Government’s compromise proposals to keep Scotland in the Single Market and protect our interests.
“It is not surprising support for independence in Scotland is growing as the UK government chooses to ignore Scotland’s wishes.”

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