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For immediate release: Wednesday 8 March 2017


MP for Gordon, Alex Salmond, has issued a statement in response to the sacking of Lord Michael Heseltine following his vote in the House of Lords against a hard Tory Brexit.

Peers backed the cross-party amendment by a majority of 98 in the House of Lords, with 366 to 268 voting in favour of Parliament being given a "meaningful vote on the Prime Minister's final EU call. 

Heseltine, an adviser to Theresa May, was informed by the Tory Chief whip that he had been relieved of his duties covering five briefs. 

Mr Salmond said: 

"Things have come full circle for the Tories. 

"Heseltine resigned under Thatcher. Now he has been sacked by May. Both were about Europe.

"Michael Heseltine is but the latest casualty of Tory mad Brexit disease. He will not be the last.

"Anyone with an iota of knowledge and insight on Europe will be cast aside as the Prime Minister embarks on her reckless drive to the article 50 cliff edge.

"Heseltine is an adviser sacked for advising to dragoon Tory MPs into line for next week. The Prime Minister's actions are those of weakness not of strength."