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For immediate release Tuesday 11/4/17


Commenting on the G7 meeting, SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Alex Salmond MP, said:

"I welcome the decision of the G7 Foreign Ministers to respond in an orderly way to the atrocity of chemical weapons use in Syria.

“There should be an international investigation sponsored by the Security Council. If that is blocked then it should be ordered by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

“The findings should then be taken to the International Criminal Court and those responsible should be arraigned and subjected to the force of international law.

“The same procedure should be used for all those -  state actors included - who use banned weapons against civilian populations and in this fashion we have the hope of restoring a semblance of decency to the conduct of conflict. Any other approach relegates criminal acts to being part of the arm wrestling of power politics.

“Boris Johnson's bumbling performance as Foreign Secretary is beyond parody. He cancelled his diplomatic initiative in Moscow on the pretext of rallying the G7 for sanctions against Russia - this before a case had even been made. When this is rejected he declares himself satisfied. He is not just America's poodle but a toothless one - all bark and no bite."