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Attention: Newsdesk/political correspondents


Following reports from Channel 4 News that at least 30 Conservative Party members of parliament and agents are subject to reports to the Crown Prosecution Service for suspected breaches of electoral law, Alex Salmond has raised a Point of Order in the House of Commons about the impact this could have on the General Election.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Alex Salmond MP said:

“Mr Speaker, have you had any notification of a statement from the Minister of the Cabinet Office or indeed the Prime Minister herself on the Channel 4 report of last evening which suggests that the Crown Prosecution Service has got 30 individuals that they have to report on for possible prosecution between 20th May and the early part of June?

“Given that these include a number of members of this House and all of the implications that could have for reporting of any such decision in terms of coverage or the position of candidates during an election campaign - and given, of course, that it would be a scandal of enormous proportions if any attempt had been made to influence the timing of such reports, provision has surely been made as to how to cope with  such an eventuality if it occurs during an election campaign.

“Given that the Prime Minister has decided to reappoint all of the campaign team, who have already been fined by the election commission, responsible for that bourach - we cannot get ourselves into a position that that campaign team up to and including Lynton Crosby having successfully bought one election are allowed to buy another.”


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