Attn Newsdesks

For immediate release Friday 07/04/17


Responding to the overnight US cruise missile strikes the Scottish National Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Alex Salmond MP, said:

“The overnight cruise missile strikes by the USA against a Syrian regime air base are no substitute for a policy towards ending the conflict.

“Attacking a chemical weapons base can be justified in international law but in itself it provides no solutions. Such strikes should take place only after detailed examination and assessment of the storage facility and the delivery mechanism. They should also be part of a collective effort to place the use of chemical weapons and nerve agents beyond the pale of conflict and crucially they should also be part of a considered strategy to bring this ruinous multi layered Syrian civil war to an end.

“In this case the cruise missile strike seems to dramatically reverse the previous stance of the Trump administration which was to partner Russia and tolerate Assad. Thus, there is now further and dangerous unpredictability introduced into a conflict of which America is now at the centre, both in confronting Assad and with troops on the ground among the forces gathering for the assault on the last Daesh stronghold of Raqqa.

“If the position of the UK Government is merely to back any US action whatever it may be then they will find themselves struggling to keep up with the twists and turns of the Trump administration.

“President Trump has a political interest right now in humiliating his predecessor and in distancing himself from Russia. The UK has no interest in either, with only this week the Foreign Secretary attempting to reset UK/Russian relations.

“All of this is no substitute for a real policy to end the tragedy of the Syrian civil war. That should include UK action now on humanitarian aid including air drops, reinstatement of the Dubs amendment on bringing in unaccompanied child refugees with preparation made now for future collective action on weapons inspectors and peacekeeping forces to stabilise the country post conflict. Our role should be helping the international efforts on conflict resolution as the First Minister outlined earlier this week at the United Nations."