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For immediate release: Sunday 7 May 2017


Alex Salmond with Mark McDonald MSP and Gillian Martin MSP at the #GE2017 Campaiagn launch 

Alex Salmond with Mark McDonald MSP and Gillian Martin MSP at the #GE2017 Campaiagn launch 

The campaign to re-elect Alex Salmond for the parliamentary constituency of Gordon was launched in Ellon today (Sunday 7th May 2017).

Speaking at a launch meeting in the New Inn, Alex Salmond said:

“We are all well up for the battle ahead. I stand for re-election on my record, on the need to provide real opposition to the Tory Government and to protect our own Scottish Parliament as the place to decide Scotland’s future.

“Throughout this constituency there is visible proof of the real difference made by the SNP team in the North East of Scotland. The mighty AWPR taking shape before our eyes, the new Academy here in Ellon, Inveramsay Bridge, and the building work started on the new Inverurie Health centre.

“On the way is the dualling of the A96, the new train station at Kintore and the huge investment in the Aberdeen-Inverness railway line. These key investments are changing the North East for the better and for good. In the long years of firstly Tory and then Labour/Liberal control they never happened. Now they are built or are being built. That is the positive difference that SNP representation makes.

“In this election, the SNP offers strong opposition to the Tory Government in Westminster. There are thousands of people across this constituency who want to see a stop to the Tory assault on the poor and the disabled. The SNP are the only party who are providing that real opposition to the heartless and divisive social policies of the Conservative Party.

“If the Prime Minister is allowed to pursue a hard Brexit it will cost this constituency and our people dear. Our key food and drink industries depend on full and free access to European markets and we just cannot afford the anti-European petulance of the Tory party.

“I stand for the Scottish people making the key decisions affecting Scotland's future on independence and Europe. We must not allow the Prime Minister to turn our own Scottish Parliament into merely a Westminster cypher.

“The Tory Party act as if the election is all over bar the shouting. Indeed they are claiming victory locally before the campaign has even begun. In the North East we have a way of bringing people who count their chickens down to earth with a bump. It is time to teach the Tories that lesson.”


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