Monday, the start of another busy week. Today, I could finally reveal that my good friend Sean Connery will be featuring in my upcoming audiobook of The Dream Shall Never Die. You can listen to a brief extract below. 

A few weeks ago, STV's political editor, Bernard Ponsonby met me in Aberdeen to interview me for STV's special documentary marking one year on from our historic independence referendum. It was aired on Monday evening - Scotland: What Next? You can still watch it on the STV Player by clicking on the link. 

I got to London late in evening. I headed straight to the House of Commons to meet my colleagues to vote against the Trade Union Bill. You read more about the Trade Union Bill in the Hansard report here.


My colleague Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and I had lunch with the president of the St. Andrews Society of New York, Thomas Halket. It was a pleasure to met him and it was great to discuss how we can work together to promote and protect Scotland and Scottish culture at home and abroad. 

Me, Tasmina and Thomas Halket (President of the St. Andrews Society of New York)

Me, Tasmina and Thomas Halket (President of the St. Andrews Society of New York)

Following that, I had a busy afternoon of interviews. First stop was CNN's Turner House to meet the fantastic Christiane Amanpour. During the interview, Christiane asked me how the SNP are changing British politics and my views on the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. You can watch the interview in full by clicking here.

I had to quickly head back to the office where I was interviewed by Birgitte Borch Frisendal, from Danish broadcasters DR. They are making a special documentary on panda diplomacy ahead of Denmark getting their own pandas and wanted to ask me a few questions about our own - Tian Tian and Yang Guang. 


Today was Jeremy Corbyn’s first appearance at Prime Minister's Questions as Labour leader. He came with a new approach to PMQs, one which involved less theatrics and more questions. The Prime Minister was quick to react to this new and calm PMQ, however, as soon as it was the SNP Westminster group leader, Angus Robertson's turn, the Prime Minister quickly reverted back to the old, temper fuelled accusations. It was a short-lived change.  

Following PMQs, there was a statement on migrants from the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP. I had to ask her, however, if she would take a stand against people using dehumanising language like "swarming" or "swamping". She responded by saying that all members of the House must be careful when speaking about these matters.  You can view it on Parliament TV here. 

The BBC's Tim Reid came to interview me in my office for a series of shorts they are recording to mark the anniversary of the referendum. We discussed how the referendum had changed the political landscape not just in Scotland, but in Westminster too. 

Another busy afternoon of interviews with Buzzfeed's Jamie Ross coming into my office to ask my thoughts on how Scotland would vote if there was another independence referendum tomorrow. You can read the full interview here. 

After a short break, I hosted a meeting in my office for the SNP's International Affairs group. As I have said on many occasions, this is by far the most talented parliamentary group I have ever worked with and it is fantastic to have such a strong team working on international affairs. 


The launch of my new paperback version of The Dream Shall Never Die. On College Green in the morning for the launch of the paperback version of the Dream Shall Never Die. Thank you to all of my colleagues who came along. 

After a busy morning of interviews with BBC, STV, ITV, FT and The Independent, I headed off to Millbank Studios for a series of interviews. It was a pleasure to speak with Afshin Rattansi on RT's Going Undergroundto discuss my new book and the future of Scotland. 

Then, I had to rush off to Wembley to prepare for BBC's Questions Time where I was on the panel with Liz Truss, Tim Stanley, Sandi Toksvig and the new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell. You can watch the full episode here.


At long last, I finally met my online alter ego - Angry Salmond. He interviewed me (or did I interview him?) for an article featured in The National. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to my angrier self. The self-titled "Sultan of Sexy Socialism" has a long reign ahead him. You can read the full article here. 



An early morning flight into Edinburgh to get to Pollock Halls in Edinburgh, where our party leader and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon gave a fantastic speech reminding David Cameron that he is living on borrowed time while simultaneously pulling the trigger on the starting gun for next year's Holyrood elections in May. 

I was also happy to endorse our Transport Minister's new "all black" look. I certainly hope he hasn't switched his allegiance before the start of the rugby world cup!

Following that, I headed off to Glasgow's St Enoch Centre where I signed copies of the new paperback. It was great, as always, to meet and talk to so many people. Thank you to everyone who came along. 

After the book signing event, I popped into The National's HQ to see the team. It was great to meet you all. Keep up the great work! #StillYes.

I noticed that the editor, Richard Walker, was away from his desk, so I offered to sit in for while just to make sure things were running smoothly. 

Tha mi fior thoilichte an leabhar agam a cur-air-bhog sa Ghàidhlig a-nochd ann an Òilthigh Glaschu ‪#‎MairidhanDòchas‬
It was a pleasure to launch the Gaelic edition of my book tonight at the University of Glasgow. Thank you to all of you who came along. ‪#‎TheDreamShallNeverDie‬

A special thanks has to do to the University of Glasgow for hosting the event and to Greg Thomson, Muriel Urquhart and Eilidh Rankin for their hard work translating the book into Gaelic.