I awoke this morning very much looking forward to a week of campaigning ahead. The election is just around the corner, and I headed to Glasgow Provan to help out with Ivan McKee's campaign.


I appeared on RTÉ to reminisce and discuss how to build a minority government that lasts. Also enjoyed reading about the SNP's plans to look after the North East. 


It was the calm before the storm in Scotland, and I nipped down to London to join Ian Dale for my LBC phone-in. I then explained that I'm #SNPbecause... 


The big day had arrived - it was time to vote. I wished Gillian Martin all the best in Strichen, placed my own vote and toured polling stations across Aberdeenshire. 


It was a long day and night for all involved, but what a fantastic result. Congratulations to everyone who took part in another phenomenal SNP victory. It was a special moment to see Gillian Martin take the reins in my old constituency of Aberdeenshire East.


I'm sure these two will be feeling the same as the 63 SNP MSPs elected last night - on top of the world. 


Still buoyed by the great SNP success - a Holyrood record no less. I was impressed by each and every campaigner I met along the way. Their determination has been invaluable. 


Enjoyed this article written by my former Chief of Staff, Geoff Aberdein. Some wise words. I also managed to solve a local mystery that had been bugging me and my constituents for some time...