Following the tragic death of Jo Cox, European solidarity is now more important than ever. This morning, I was at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where the representatives of 47 European nations joined together in a minute's silence to pay our respects to Jo Cox MP. We stood together in the hemisphere once again against terror as part of the #NoHateNoFear campaign. 


I was back in Aberdeenshire for a day of EU Referendum campaigning around the streets of Ellon. 


London cabbie, Mustafa Canlier, came to the rescue today after my iPad went walkabout en route to LBC - a real gent. With the EU Referendum only a day away, it dominated proceedings on my phone-in with Ian Dale. Following that, I took part in a Channel 4 debate - the final panel before the big vote. 


It is finally upon us. The EU Referendum, after weeks of campaigning the positive case for Europe, has arrived. 

It's been a long night, and is very close. 


Scotland stands strong, united in our will to remain part of the European Union. 


My former Chief of Staff, Geoff Aberdein, hit the nail on the head with this tweet. 


A poignant Sunday Herald front page this morning. Later, I travelled to Birmingham for a question time special in the aftermath of the EU vote.